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Each piece of Kitsoe jewellery is handmade in our London studio. We only use the finest quality gemstones, which are hand cut, not machine cut, because we care.

Remember these are natural beauties, they haven’t been treated with any nasties. They should last a long time if you care too - try to avoid direct exposure to chemicals; chlorine, sun-creams, perfumes, oils, hair spray, lotions. After each wear, gently wipe away any dirt or buff them up with a microfibre cloth and store them in your 100% fairtrade cotton Kitsoe pouch.

We only use gold filled and gold vermeil, that means the biggest portion of gold for your money. Our gold filled findings and beads are bonded with 18 karat gold. By law, the solid gold portion must make up 5% of the total - believe it or not this can be up to 100x more than a regular gold plate (which is around 0.025 – 0.5 microns of gold onto a base metal). Our gold vermeil letters have been plated with 3 microns of 18 karat gold onto sterling silver. Put simply, if treated with care, our gold bits should last as long as our stones.