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Kitsoe is a female founded brand launched in 2022

After a career in healthcare, a baby and a pandemic, founder Sophie turned to her passion of gemstones as a way to carve a new life for herself. Living in ibiza over the pandemic opened her eyes to meditation, alternative therapies and the power of crystal energy. 

Used in alternative medicine for generations, certain stones are believed to possess unique properties which can aid in channelling, absorbing or aligning energy. 

Kitsoe stones are natural, untreated and handcut in Jaipur by a family who have been cutting stones for over 700 years. True craftsman who are deeply passionate about what they do, they source from small mines around the world and buy in batches of the finest quality. 

We follow this theory by thoughtfully creating all our pieces by hand in London, in small batches, like a seasonal menu, using the best of the best that is available at the time. 

Kitsoe purchases are unique, all stones will vary slightly, and once a batch sells out something new will take its place. 

Playful, curious and with a love of colour our MO is to make something meaningful that will last. Your jewellery should be a reflection of yourself, connect to the stone that draws you in, buck the fast fashion trends and wear something as meaningful as it is beautiful.