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Evoking the purifying energy of the sea. Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and used to protect sailors at sea by calming rough waters. This tranquil stone can help balance or unblock the throat chakra, it carries powerful energy for enhancing open, honest communication and inspiring self-expression. Used as a talisman for good luck, fearlessness, and heartfelt communication.

Properties; cleansing, healing and soothing
Inspires; truth, trust and self-expression.
Chakra; throat
Zodiac; Aquarius and Pisces




Citrine evokes the radiant energy of the sun. Its golden hue emanates positivity, abundance and happiness. Known as the ‘success stone’ citrine is powerful in manifestation of wealth and health. It energises the solar plexus and sacral chakras; directly linked to nurturing sense of self, of purpose, of self-esteem, of sexuality, sensitivity and creativity. This transformative stone cultivates energy for growth, personal empowerment and authenticity.


Properties; energising, abundance, warmth
Inspires; positivity, creativity, joy, authenticity
Chakra; solar plexus and sacral
Zodiac; Cancer, Gemini





The stone of ‘successful love’ emeralds have been used throughout history as a symbol of truth and love. Favoured by Cleopatra the Egyptians used the stone as a talisman for eternal love and life. This energising stone is rooted in the heart chakra, encouraging the giving and receiving of love, and of self-love. Its vibrant green hue is symbolic of spring and nature bringing freshness and vitality, offering opportunity for renewal and to overcome negativity.

Properties; regeneration, renewal and romance
Inspires; love, truth and balance
Chakra; heart
Zodiac; Cancer, Gemini and Taurus






A powerful stone of mysticism and manifestation, labradorites were believed to embody the Aurora Borealis - radiating dramatic flashes of green, blues and bronze hues rooted within known as ‘fire’. Widely used in shamanic practises, labradorites connect to the throat and third eye chakra opening the channel for intuition, manifestation and openness. Considered to absorb negative energy these stones possess the power to connect to our inner self, helping us channel our hopes, dreams and imagination.

Properties; manifestation, intuition, consciousness and healing
Inspires; imagination, harmony and transformation
Chakra; throat and third eye
Zodiac; Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio




Rainbow Moonstone

Evoking the feminine energy of the Moon, rainbow moonstones are believed to be a visionary stone, a symbol of intuition, fertility and sensuality. Used to nurture one’s inner goddess and connected to the sacral and third eye Chakra, moonstones inspire emotional balance, mental clarity and awareness. Used as a talisman of protection for travellers, and a gift of lovers, these kaleidoscopic stones radiate flashes of blues and purples from within, emulating lunar vitality.

Properties; calming, balancing and emotional healing
Inspires; harmony, emotional wellbeing and intuition
Chakra; sacral and third eye
Zodiac; Libra and Cancer






Peridot is a crystal of positive power, combining green rays of growth and yellow rays of sunshine - mentally stimulating and physically regenerating. It nourishes cleansing and protective energy, used in ancient times to ward away negative forces and evil spirits. Connecting to the heart and solar plexus chakra, peridot is believed to be an aura protector; aiding in nurturing one’s sense of self and ability for self-love.

Properties; cleansing, protection and renewal
Inspires; truth, warmth, physical and mental wellbeing
Chakra; heart and solar plexus
Zodiac; Leo





Rainbow Tourmaline

Rainbow tourmalines are a crystal of balance, encompassing yin and yang energies, possessing the power to align all the chakras. From black tourmaline which energises the root chakra, to orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and clear up to the crown chakra, these multicoloured stones are believed to be a rhythm for the soul. Cultivating, harmonising, cleansing energy and absorbing negativity, used to lift fear, anxiety and promote confidence in self.

Properties; absorbing, aligning and cleansing
Inspires; balance, harmony and joy
Chakra; unifies all chakras
Zodiac; Libra and Cancer






The stone of wisdom and joy, sapphires have been revered by royalty throughout history - thought to possess the power to enhance mental clarity, self-mastery and wise judgement. These celestial stones carry an intense lustre and are believed to be related to deep spirituality and devotion. Associated with balancing or unblocking the crown chakra, sapphires bring peace of mind, serenity and prosperity. Used as a talisman for good fortune, faithfulness and loyalty.

Properties; wisdom, strength and longevity
Inspires; joy, loyalty and insight
Chakra; crown
Zodiac; Virgo